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Long time since last post

It has been way to long since my last post. Many things have happened in this time. I have made several trips in the RV with my parents, gotten an adopted sister, had a major fight with my new sister that sent her back to her could home, was a tending hospice nurse for my granny, went to her funeral. Those were just a few that I need to elaborate on as I go forward.

Not exactly sure why my sister and I got so serious when we fought, normally we got along just fine, there was just something that triggered bad things in her and she took it out on me.

I ended up in the hospital, and when I got home Katie had been taken back to her owners. I understand that she has a new home next door to he old owners and she stays there but visits her owners every once and a while.

This is my Granny, she was a great friend to me. I always looked forward to going to her house as it had a nice fenced back yard I could run in.

Day Camp

Golf Cart riding

Day Camp Karting

DayCamp Playground

My parents wanted to provide me with a better outlook on meeting friends of all kinds. The found a great place to do that, Chappell Hill Pet Resort. There I have meet lots of new friends, and am being shown what manners I am missing. The caretakers there are very kind and helpful, letting me greet all the guests as the come and go, letting me help with feeding all my new friends, and playing in the water park running and playing .
Get your parents to bring you to see me at the playground in Chappell Hill Pet Resort.
Love, Charlotte

It has been a while

Looking out the windshield It is June 2021, so muck has happened I am not really sure where to begin. My New Life has just continued to get better and better. My new found home made it through the Pandemic without getting sick, I am feeling more and more blessed each day.
We made a trip in our motor home to return a lost sick kitty to its parents that had moved to Arkansas and had gotten out and lost during their move. It was my first “real” trip in the motor home. I feel like we can go anywhere, do so many things, I heard my parents talking about a trip in July, I can hardly wait.
Love All, Charlotte

Thank You – Rene @ Tripawds

I was totally surprised, today I received mail from Rene @ TriPawds. I was very excited to open the envelope and find a TriPawds bandana. My parents quickly put it around my neck, Thank You Miss Rene, it was very unexpected and made my day. I have never gotten any mail addressed to me. I will wear it Proudly as my parents take me everywhere with them. We travel and visit many places in my RV. Watch for my posts on my travels.



My New Mom Loves Me

My New Parents think of me always, they take much of their time during the day to make sure I have what I need.

My new bed
Yesterday my mom came home with a new bed, it is a very firm surface and has a small heating element for cold days, she saw in some of the articles that they read that we TriPawds need a firmer bed as it is more difficult for us to roll over and get comfortable. She also brought me a nice new sweater that covers my bum and makes going outside  more fun.

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