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Happy TriPawd

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Thank You – Rene @ Tripawds

I was totally surprised, today I received mail from Rene @ TriPawds. I was very excited to open the envelope and find a TriPawds bandana. My parents quickly put it around my neck, Thank You Miss Rene, it was very unexpected and made my day. I have never gotten any mail addressed to me. I will wear it Proudly as my parents take me everywhere with them. We travel and visit many places in my RV. Watch for my posts on my travels.



My New Mom Loves Me

My New Parents think of me always, they take much of their time during the day to make sure I have what I need.

My new bed
Yesterday my mom came home with a new bed, it is a very firm surface and has a small heating element for cold days, she saw in some of the articles that they read that we TriPawds need a firmer bed as it is more difficult for us to roll over and get comfortable. She also brought me a nice new sweater that covers my bum and makes going outside  more fun.

Feeling more at home

it is December, my journey started not so long ago but feels like I am finally in my forever home.

November 6, 2020 I was alone in a shelter,  Wondering what would happen to me.

You can read though my story and see I was a very lucky girl to have been found by my now forever parents. How many like me are not so lucky, that do not find those caring people to help through the terrible times. I feel I probably would not be here had they not taken me into their hearts and lives.

At Home Now

Feeling like I am really home and looking forward to a great Christmas.

Going Home

I do not remember very much of the 2 days I spent with my new parents after they picked me up from the shelter. With everything that was wrong and the high fever I was pretty much a mess.

I was extremely happy to see my parents on Friday morning, I was not expecting them till it was time to go home. They stayed a while and we had a good time together, but I was really ready to go to my new home with them.


The Vet Tech helped my dad get me to the car and opened the back door for him to set me in, I heard him comment that they had a very nice car cradle in the back seat for me and that I was very lucky to have  adoptive parents that knew exactly how to take care of me. I was really looking forward to going home to see what it was going to be like.



Little is known about where or how I was found, the only thing that was told to my New Parents was that a wonderful Sheriff’s Officer picked me up and brought me to the shelter. I am so thankful that he stopped to help me.

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