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Month: November 2020 (Page 2 of 3)

Monday Morning

I have been in  my new home for 3 days. My parents have made sure all my needs are met and are trying very hard to teach me new things, like not licking my staples that hold my hip together. I am learning but they have to put the plastic cone on me at times.


My plastic cone

Sometimes I have to wear my cone to keep me from licking my staples that hold me together.

I have been out several times in my back yard over the past few days, and I am trying to learn my boundaries but sometimes get confused. My parents are very patient with me and know I am trying very hard to learn all that they are sharing. It will take a bit for me to totally trust they are there for me, and that they are looking out for my best interests.

The last 2 nights I have spent time in the bed, in my playpen, and on the couch, I am restless, wondering what will happen to me next, my hope is my new parents are patient with me and keep me. So far they have been so wonderful, I have just had so much bad luck.

This morning my parents left me in my playpen for about 2 hours, while they went out for breakfast. I was not sure what was going on even though they told me it was just for a short while, I managed to get out of my playpen, but I did not get hurt or make any messes. When they came home they were very loving and kind, I think they understood I was scared they had left me, but they did not, and I am very glad to see them.

My mom left this afternoon but my dad stayed home with me. Shortly we went out for a walk in the yard (dad is trying to teach me my yard boundaries) then I saw the next door neighbor and had to go over and introduce myself to him. He acted very glad to meet me and gave me lots of kind words and petted me a lot.

I have had a very good and interesting day so far, I am a very happy puppy.

As the rest of the day passed I got to go out again and said HI for the second time to my new friend, our neighbor. We walked and enjoyed the sun in the afternoon. I am getting better about leaving my staples alone, I did not have to where my plastic cone at all this afternoon, it was very nice. I am tired now so I will probably sleep well this evening.

Sleep time, good nite all

Going Home

I do not remember very much of the 2 days I spent with my new parents after they picked me up from the shelter. With everything that was wrong and the high fever I was pretty much a mess.

I was extremely happy to see my parents on Friday morning, I was not expecting them till it was time to go home. They stayed a while and we had a good time together, but I was really ready to go to my new home with them.


The Vet Tech helped my dad get me to the car and opened the back door for him to set me in, I heard him comment that they had a very nice car cradle in the back seat for me and that I was very lucky to have  adoptive parents that knew exactly how to take care of me. I was really looking forward to going home to see what it was going to be like.


Surgery Went Well

Well the Dr. visited with my new parents on Monday and said my blood work all came back good, so the surgery day will be set for Wednesday to have my damaged foot and leg removed. My parents wished there was something else that could be done but the Dr. said that I would do well, and that the way she recommended was the best for my long term heath.

So I have another day to rest up and gain my strength, then I will have all the tissue that is torn and broken removed and be able to heal and start to feel like a fun dog again.

My new parents came to visit me every day before and after the surgery, trying to make sure I knew that I was loved and had a good home to go to when all of this was over.

The surgery started in the morning and lasted just about an hour or so, it took a hour for the anesthesia to wear off enough that I could stand up. I wanted out of the crate I was in and wanted to walk around. I had been on 3 legs for almost a week so I did not have trouble getting around without my bad leg, and it was actually easier because I did not have to hold it up.

The Dr. was very surprised, and told my parents that I was a super dog to be up and about so quickly.

My parents did not visit today as the Dr had told them I would probably need the day to get it all together, boy did I surprise her. They were here bright and early on Thursday though and I was very glad to see they had missed me as much as I had missed them. So Friday is my day to go home, just have to finish my IV’s with antibiotics and pain meds then I could go home.
Everyone at my new parents clinic were very loving and attentive, they made me feel so very special.

Emergency Dr Visit

When my new parents realized the seriousness of having a 107 temperature and were able to lower it with ice packs, they knew something else needed to be done. Having just lost their 14 month old  fur baby to seizures , she called their local vet and were told to bring Charlotte in immediately. As the Dr. Examined  Charlotte she was very surprised at the severity of the wound. She said the best treatment would be to remove the leg due to  lack of bone in the foot and the infection was so bad that the foot would not heal.

Emergency Vet Visit

Temperature and hurting

We knew Charlotte was a special fur baby and her mom felt she had to be saved, Charlotte had not made a noise or wimpier  throughout her exam and redressing of her wound. It was decided that Charlotte would stay at the clinic (the clinic that the adoption mother used) and be put on IV antibiotics and pain meds, have some blood work done to determine if she could have the amputation done on Wednesday (3 days away).


Little is known about where or how I was found, the only thing that was told to my New Parents was that a wonderful Sheriff’s Officer picked me up and brought me to the shelter. I am so thankful that he stopped to help me.

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